AppliedHE Ranking Data Submission Checklist

To participate in the AppliedHE Private University Rankings, an institution is asked to submit the following information:

  1. Institution name – Please enter the name used by your institution for English-speaking international audiences
  2. Location of your institution – If your institution is located in an ASEAN country, it will automatically be included in both the AppliedHE Private University Ranking: Asia-Pacific and the AppliedHE Private University Ranking: ASEAN
  3. Confirm that your institution – (a) provides Bachelor- and Master-level courses, (b) awards its own Degrees and Diplomas, and (c) is recognized by the government as a locally accredited institution of higher learning
  4. Nominate an official contact person (liaison) with their name, designation, email and telephone number
  5. Institution logo (png, gif, jpg, jpeg) and description of the institution (around 500 words)
  6. Faculty, defined as full-time equivalent (FTE) number involved in teaching and/or research. Members of staff who conduct no teaching and no research are not considered part of the faculty. Faculty members who teach part-time at the institution (e.g. adjunct lecturers) or who conduct research part-time (e.g. research fellows) should be counted proportionally to their workloads
  7. International faculty on campus is defined as the number of faculty members who hold foreign citizenship OR hold a degree from a foreign university.
  8. Students are defined as the full-time equivalent (FTE) number of students Hence, two students doing a half course load is counted as 1 student FTE
  9. Supported Students, are defined as students who receive (partial) scholarships, grants or other aid
  10. International students on campus, are defined as the number of students who hold citizenship of another country OR have participated in an exchange program OR took part in a virtual exchange program (took an online credit-bearing course delivered by a university in a foreign country)
  11. Graduate outcomes (employment and further studies after 6 months) with evidence from an official graduate tracer study. If graduate outcome survey data is not available (or does not meet AppliedHE standards), AppliedHE will provide you with a survey link which you can distribute to recent graduates. We will contact you via e-mail to make arrangements for this
  12. Institution’s official web domain (used for faculty e-mail)
  13. Name of your institution in other languages than English, so that we can track its online presence
  14. A full link to the institution’s official Google Scholar profile (if available)

If you have any questions, please write to Ranking [at] AppliedHE [dot] ORG or call us at +60 3 9213 1957