AppliedHE JOB-Ready Rating Survey (English Demo)

Welcome to the AppliedHE JOB-Ready Rating surveys which are part of the AppliedHE JOB-Ready Rating process in which your institution is currently participating.

By completing this survey, you will:

  • Provide prospective students and other stakeholders, with an “insider” perspective.
  • Give valuable (and anonymous) feedback to the management of your institution, thus supporting its quality improvement process and the development of the institution.
  • Highlight the strength of the institution to prospective students, employers and colleagues at other institutions.

The survey will take between 5 to 15 minutes of your time.

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Please click on the Employment Cluster which matches your profile.

Agriculture, agricultural technology, aquaculture, fisheries technology, veterinary, zoology

Graphics design, photography, illustration, applied art, product/industrial design, user-interface design, multimedia design, interior design, packaging design, automobile design

Construction engineering, civil engineering, architecture, building maintenance, construction management, building automation technology, HVEC engineer, safety inspector, railway engineering, urban planning, real estate management

Computer science, computer engineering, information technology, information science, cybersecurity, systems engineering, software development, data science, telecom engineering

Education, education management, early childhood education, social work, librarian, religious education, counselling

Electronics engineering, electrical engineering, applied physics, precision engineering, measurement technology

Fashion design, textile design, beauty

Banking, finance, accounting, actuarial sciences, auditing, economics, applied mathematics, statistics

Food technology, food packaging, food processing, food safety

Nursing, medicine, radiology, physical therapy, nutrition, hospital management, public health

Travel, hotel and restaurant management, tourism, chef, barista, tour guide, event management

Law, paralegal, legal management, criminology, notary public

Supply chain management, customs/trade management, warehouse management, retail management, logistics, industrial engineering

Business administration, secretarial services, human resources management, marketing, public administration

Music, film, theatre, dance, performing arts, broadcasting technology, computer game design, creative writing, journalism, advertising, mass communications, publishing

Mining engineering, extractive industries, geology

Pharmacy, biotechnology, genetics, biology, bioinformatics, laboratory technician

Chemical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental technology, water treatment technology, metallurgy, applied chemistry, materials

Mechanical engineering, production technology, automotive engineering, ship building, aerospace engineering, textile engineering

Police science, security management, military academy

Sports science, sports management

Aircraft maintenance, flight engineer, piloting, seafaring, ship maintenance, motor vehicle maintenance